Spread the Word!

Nobody wants to be a bad person and nobody volunteers to cause harm – we get that. That’s why one of our key goals is awareness. If more people reflected critically on voluntourism initiatives, and started to volunteer more responsibly, then we could say bye bye to humanitarian douchery. We can’t do this without you though, so here’s how you can help:


Share our site with friends and family. 

Odds are, there is someone in your life who is interested in volunteering abroad. By sharing our site with them, you’re sharing a lot of valuable information and resources which can stop humanitarian douchery before it happens!

Join the conversation online with #EndHumanitarianDouchery.

Love us or hate us, we want to hear your opinion! Beyond just awareness, we want to create critical dialogue around the topic of voluntourism, so share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook with our hashtag.

Be a responsible volunteer yourself!

If you’re planning to volunteer abroad, that’s great. After you leave this site today, we hope that some of what we’ve said will stick with you! The easiest way to be part of the change is to personally live it. If you choose to volunteer, be sure that you embrace fair trade learning principles, are self-aware and most importantly, aren’t a douche about it.


Visit our toolkit for a guide on how to volunteer responsibly.