In case you haven’t noticed, we millennials have acquired a pretty big obsession with changing the world. Aspiring to end poverty, save children and all that good stuff have become essential goals for any good world citizen. And as a scan of anybody’s bucket list will tell you, this mindset has led to voluntourism mania, with millions of eager beavers forking out cash to travel abroad and help out in developing countries. We love volunteering too and we think it’s awesome, but the truth is: there’s a darker side to irresponsible voluntourism that is frequently overlooked.

We started this campaign not because we want to abolish voluntourism completely. Rather, we think there’s a pretty clear difference between good volunteer abroad initiatives and others that are deeply problematic. We want people to start critically assessing voluntourism initiatives before they go, and encourage some much needed dialogue around this topic. Our goal is to spread awareness of the problematic implications of voluntourism and encourage people to adopt Fair Trade Learning principles. In other words, we hope to stop irresponsible voluntourism and put an end to humanitarian douchery.

So, will you help us end humanitarian douchery once and for all?

Here's how you can help.